Why We All Should Care About Politics & Tips On How To Do That

Hi everyone!

First of all, I wanna say how thankful I am for all of the people who read my first blog post,  I was so overwhelmed with the response & it only inspired me to write more. THANK YOU.


When I talk about politics to other people they tell me they are “just not into politics” or they couldn’t care less. Which makes me so sad. Because as citizen of the countries we live in, we have an obligation to be involved in the governments (and the politicians) who rule over us. I mean if nobody ever cared enough to be involved in politics, those leaders would probably do as they like and please. For me personally I can’t sit around and wait for something to get better. I need to be involved and raise my voice. And even if that’s just on social media platforms.


I know politics can be so boring and complex and believe me when I say, I myself have a hard time wrapping my mind around certain topics. But we live in a world were unfortunately not everyone is equally privileged. We deal with racism, sexism, homophobia and social injustice on a daily basis. I live in Austria, a very privileged country. I was born with the privilege to get excellent education, to find a job, earn money and be whoever I wanna be. Unfortunately not everyone in this world has these same chances as I do. Due to poverty 72 million children around the world remain unschooled. 72 MILLION. Just let that sink in. These children will never presume their dreams they way they might want to. They can’t really speak up for themselves, at least the majority can’t. So, How am I supposed to live my life and not even care about politics and social injustice? And this is just one of (unfortunately) many other examples.

No Guilt, Just Awareness 

I am not saying we should feel bad for the lives we live, obviously nobody chooses in what world they get born into. But the least we can do is care about politics. Encourage our (world) leaders to do more about this unfairness. Raise our voices for the injustice million face every single day. It’s anything but easy to bring up issues of oppression aka “get political”. It can be so tiring and emotional. I get it. But If you think that politics are annoying and you only want to care about the “nice” things in life, know that there are people on the other side of the world who are literally fighting for their lives. And I personally think thats a good enough thought to start with.

I don’t want to make anyone feel guilty but it just frustrates me to see young adults not care about whats going in this world, because its “annoying” or “boring”. I just think it’s good to be aware of the things that are happening right now. Especially when a rather controversial government gets elected like it happened in Austria (a link for any foreign readers: “Austria’s far-right to enter government after coalition deal“). In times like these it is crucial to care and be involved. To go out and raise your voice. 

But how do you get more interested in politics? 

I am gonna be honest here, when I was in school I never really cared about politics or watching the news. I was very clueless about the politics in my own country. Even two years in to my uni studies I wasn’t as involved as I am right now. But once I realized how important it is to care and speak up, I was intrigued to always be up to date with the news. It sounds so boring. And I am not saying everyone needs to feel the way I feel about this topic, but I believe that everyone was given a voice, that they can choose to use or not use. It’s up to you. 

Writing this post right now is really hard without offending anyone or making them feel guilty, but I just hope I can inspire or motivate anyone out there to change how they perceive politics and news. So last but not least I want to share some tips on how to be more interested in politics – or the news in general. 

 In today’s world there are so many amazing opportunities to inform ourselves with different platforms. Which only makes it easier:

1. Apps 

I am not going to name any specific ones because there is literally millions of them in the App Store or Google Play Store or whatever phone you use 😀 But having any news app on your phone is so convenient, because you can read it on the train, at uni, at work – just anywhere. Again not saying you have to read every single article there is on that app, but one or two, will make you more informed than you were before.

2. Talking To Friends And Family

I love me a good healthy discussion with my friends or family. And I know sometimes the opinions can be so different and it’s not always easy, especially when your family or friends share complete different (political) views. But talking about world issues can be so important. And sharing your views on different topics can inspire the other person to maybe change their perspective or vice versa. 

3. Watching The News

The easiest thing of them all. You literally don’t have to do anything while watching and you get the most information at once. 

4. Social Media

Obviously the media doesn’t report on EVERYTHING that is happening in this world. 50% of my information I get from Twitter and Facebook. Especially social movements or when a famous person tweets something. Following lots of news outlets and journalists is also an easy way to stay informed. 

5. Podcasts 

I discovered (political) Podcasts last year when I was on holiday. This medium is so easy to consume, it’s like listening to music. Almost 😛 There are so many different ones, but some of my favourite ones have to be The Global Politico or The Podcast by FiveThirtyEight

I am no media expert or anything like that but I really hope you guys liked this blogpost and I am happy to hear any criticism or opinions on this topic. Please don’t feel bad or guilty, this is something really close to my heart and I really hope the only thing people take from this post is inspiration and motivation to read the news more and be a little more involved. 

Thank you for reading.


Yours truly,


Emina x 

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  1. YES! Loved this post, there’s so much truth in it! I actually haven’t heard of the podcasts you mentioned but I’m definitely gonna check them out now! Thank you for sharing your thoughts! So important! ❤️ xx

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this! My friends and I always love to discuss world affairs and debate topics we have spotted in the news when we’re having a chat. You’ve now inspired me to download some podcasts on politics and educate myself even more. x

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