LONDON, BABY! Part Two 🇬🇧


 I finally found the time to write my second part of my London trip and I still owe you one about Zurich and one about how I edit my pictures (as a lot of people requested that). If you haven’t had the chance to read my first one, you can do it by clicking here! I talk about our first three days in London and give a few tips for anyone who is going there soon. In this blog post I am talking about the last three days of our trip, which consisted of a lot of walking and lots of food. 😛

Also I changed the way I edit my pictures on my instagram, so I thought it would only fit if I change it on here too. Hope you like it.


After an amazing and sunny weekend in London, Monday started out with a bit of clouds and the temperatures dropped real fast. But we still had a lot of things we wanted to do, so we headed to the city first thing in the morning. My friend Stephi was planning to get a tattoo while we were there, so we went to Camden Town for her to make an appointment. We just wondered around the streets and took some pictures. As the weather was not the best, I feel like we couldn’t see Camden Towns full potential. Nonetheless, I loved that part of London and honestly can’t wait to go back. If you plan to go to Camden Town, you should probably spend a few hours there because there is so much to see. so many shops and food places. Also every building there is so special. Could have stayed there all day and take millions of pictures.

We didn’t stay for long as we headed to Covent Garden next, to meet up with two of our friends Ayse and Charlie and to go for Lunch at “By Chloe“.  It was so good to catch up with the girls and just take some pictures together. The food at the restaurant was really good, expect for the fact that Stephi is allergic to peanuts so she couldn’t eat anything there. So for anyone thats allergic as well or to anything else for that matter, ask before you consume anything there. The restaurant was one of my favourites and I am still dreaming of that mac n’ cheese!

After that we just strolled around the city center of London and took lots of pictures. 4 of 5 people are full-time-bloggers – would you expect anything else? 😛

In the afternoon we pretty much walked all of Oxford Street and did a lot of shopping, we just couldn’t resist to be honest with you. I feel like there is literally any shop you could wish for in that particular street. I only bought a few pieces, because I do try to buy only stuff that I know I am really gonna wear. It was nice ending to an amazing day.

It was Elsas last night with us in the apartment, as she had to head back home to go to work. We literally went food shopping and just home in time to watch “Love Island”. I will never forget these moments, we had the most fun just being ourselves and laughing at the most stupidest stuff. It’s for sure one of my favourite days ever. 🙂

On Tuesday and basically our last full day in London we decided to take it a little slow, as we all were a litte tired from all the walking around in the last few days. We were planning on visiting some museums, but we only made it to the V&A before we changed our minds, haha. If you are ever visiting London, you should definitely check out the different museums. Besides them being free, there is so much to choose from and you learn a lot about the histories of the different cultures. I just love it. Maybe it’s just me but visiting museums is the best.

Stephi headed to Camden Town to get her tattoo and Elsa & me went to a Whole Foods Market (Can’t get more exciting than this :P). You can check out Stephi’s tattoo on her instagram, it turned out so good. I really wanna mention that Elsa and me took the wrong route home and almost ended up in Wilmbeldon, It’s so typical of us and even tho we were annoyed at the time, It’s a memory that will always make me smile. Also Whole Foods is so good but so expensive. But the vegan options are just heavenly and it’s literally one of my favourite shops of all time.

The time came for us to say goodbye to Elsa and we were all so sad. Some tears were shed. And none of us could realize that these 5 days have passed by so fast. It was the most amazing thing for me to see, how well Elsa and Stephi got along. Two of my absolute favourite people in the world and I honestly can’t wait for any future adventures. We said our goodbyes to Elsa and had one stroll around the city, to see the sights one last time. I feel like you see the most of a city, if you just walk around a lot. There is nothing better than that.

We went to do a big food shopping one last time and to obviously watch “Love Island” once again. The rest of our last night in London we just spend packing and getting ready to have an early night, as we had to leave our apartment the next morning.

Our very last day came and I know that both Stephi and myself were super sad to be leaving. We packed up last pieces and got ready to leave. I was going to Zurich next and Stephi flew home to Vienna. Both of our flights were from Gatwick and later in the afternoon, so we decided to see Tower Bridge before we headed to the airport.

We sat by the River Thames and had lunch, the weather was so lovely and it made leaving even worse. After a while we decided to head to London Bridge, wehre our train to the airport would leave. We arrived at Gatwick way too early, but better to early than too late. Stephi’s flight was a little earlier than mine, so we said our goodbyes and both went to our gates. And of course how else would it be, than me and her both having more than an hour of delay. We both sat in the airplane but had to wait for the plane to start. I was flying to Zurich and was super nervous as it is, because I have never been there. So arriving there later than expected made me even more anxious. But I will tell you more about Zurich and seeing Demi Lovato live in concert in my next blogpost.

Lastly I can only say that this trip to London is one of the best experience I have ever had and I wanna thank anyone who made it so special. All the girls from Twitter (you know who you are) and of course Stephi and Elsa. Every moment was so amazing and we had so many laughs together. London is my absolute favourite city in the world. I hope I can go back soon and make some new memories with the best people.

A trip to London is not the cheapest, but there is honestly so many opportunities to save money and I hope my two blog post gave you some insights to the best spots in the city. To anyone who is going to London: I hope you have the best time ever!!!

I wanna use this moment to also thank everyone who showed me so much love on all of the content that I uploaded while I was there and I hope you enjoyed my stories! You can check them out in my highlights on my instagram.

Thank you for reading and I will see you soon with a new blogpost.

Yours truly,

Emina x

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