It has already been over two month since I visited Zurich and saw Demi Lovato live in concert. When she announced her Europe Tour, I was planning to go to Belgium but due to complications we ended up getting tickets for the show in Zurich. With we I mean me and my friend Hannah, she is originally from Germany and I have actually met her because of us being fangirls of Demi back in the day.

My trip to Zurich was happening right after London, so I booked my flight from Gatwick and this way I saved myself a lot of money. I did book the train back home (from Zurich) tho, because I knew how broke I would have been after this trip. 😛 Anyways, I made my way to Switzerland (my first time) after saying my goodbyes to Stephi. We had a one  hour delay, so I arrived in Zurich at like 10pm and of course the wifi at the airport was not working for me. I had no chance contacting anyone and making my way around to the city was a struggle as well.


The whole experience of me getting from the airport to my airbnb was terrifying but at the end I made it there safe and sound. I literally got in, when it started pouring outside. It was so cold compared to the hot weather we had in London.

I couldn’t decide wether I should go to the venue earlier to be front row or to just get there later, in the end I didn’t have anything else to do so I went to the venue at like 8AM. I met a lot of people that day, so it wasn’t boring during the day. I literally waited for this day for SO long. If you know me, you know how much I love Demi Lovato. Not just a fangirl but of how much she has helped me with who I am today.

The time finally came to go into the venue and it was honestly the most stressful thing ever, I ended up at the side of the stage but I was still so grateful that I could have been there. The concert was so so so good and Demi seemed very happy to be performing for her European fans. Here are some impressions of one of the best nights of my life:


After the concert we made our way back to airbnb, which by the way was one of my best stays because our host was so nice, and went to bed. We were both so exhausted.  You know that overwhelming feeling you have after an amazing concert? That was me! I couldn’t fall asleep because I was so so hyped. Safe to say flying to Zurich to see Demi was a total success.

The next day I met up with my aunt, who lives in Zurich, and had breakfast a hers. I loved catching up with her. She is my dad’s cousin but I see her as my aunt, that’s how close we are. 🙂 Meanwhile Hannah stayed at our airbnb and slept in.

After that me and Hannah went to explore the beautiful city that is Zurich. We went for some incredible (and very expensive) coffee. We just walked through the city until it started raining heavily and we decided to stay at our airbnb for the rest of the day. Zurich is very beautiful, it reminds me of Vienna, just a mini version of it.


Our last day came and we decided to go to one of the highest points of the city, the University of Zurich. The view up there was so so beautiful and we took some pictures. After that we again strolled through the city. Zurich is very historical and has a lot of churches.


The university of Zurich is the biggest one in Switzerland. On the first picture you can see the main building and it honestly reminds me of the buildings you see in New York, so gorgeous!


  The Lake of Zurich (it’s really called liked that, i looked it up) gives it this old city vibe and makes it visitable at any season to be honest.


The only negative: Zurich is very expensive. Especially for two students who are broke as it is 😛 The only proper café and restaurant we visited was Babu’s Bakery and Coffeehouse and we only had coffee there, haha. It’s a very cute place and would definitely recommend.


One of the things I was looking froward to see in Zurich was the Ulrich Zwingli monument. I know, I am so lame. but If you all remember in school we used to study about the reformation of the church in the 16th and 17th century in Europe. In Switzerland the main man for that was Ulrich Zwingli. History is cool, okay.


The time came for me and Hannah to say our goodbyes, she had to catch a train back to Germany and I back to Vienna. I was honestly so sad. Hannah is one of my favourite people ever. She is this carefree and spontaneous person and she literally would agree to any crazy idea I suggest.

My trip to Zurich was short but so much fun. Will definitely come back here one day and hopefully explore the secret gems of Switzerland.

IMG_5995 2IMG_5962Processed with VSCO with c7 preset

Thank you for reading and I will see you with a new blog post soon!

Yours truly,

Emina x

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