At the beginning of July I decided to take a spontaneous trip to Budapest. Luckily it’s super close to Vienna, only a three hours bus drive. My friend Danielle was celebrating her 21st birthday and I promised her to come, so I basically stayed for two days. I have been to Budapest once before and I loved it. It has some of the most gorgeous sights I have ever seen and I can’t wait to go back soon.

First things first, I arrived in Budapest and met up with Danielle, her cousin and her friend. Absolute legends, all of them. We all got a long instantly and talked a lot about the World Cup (as England was playing on the same day). Good times all overall. We went to the 360 Bar and honestly if you are ever in Budapest, please go there. Drinks are so cheap and the view is phenomenal.

adress: Andrássy út 391061 Budapest

The Coolest Bar Ever

Processed with VSCO with c8 presetIMG_7721IMG_7739

After that I went to my airbnb that was super close to the city and if you followed me on instagram back then, you would have seen how nice it was. It was very cheap and I will definitely return. also super clean, which is always a good thing for me :d Click here to see the apartment I was staying at. (not sponsored)

I met up with the girls later that day again and we decided to have dinner at the Hard Rock Café. I have never been at one, even though we have one in Vienna but I never really had the urge to go there. The one in Budapest is so amazing!! Not only were the staff so lovely but they also were very nice when I asked about vegan options. Unfortunately they didn’t have any proper vegan meals but I am always happy with fries and a salad. Isn’t that the go-to-meal for any vegan?!

The famous café is located at Deák Ferenc u. 31051 Budapest.

The Hard Rock Café

IMG_7828IMG_7833  worst food blogger picture ever taken, but it’s the only one I had. tip: order the chilli fries, they are one of the best things I have ever eaten!!!


 We decided to go to the Pontoon – it’s a bar right by the water and we had the best view. It was so magical, honestly. Also one of the places I definetley need to revisit.

adress: Id. Antall József rakpart 1 – 1054 Budapest

The Chain Bridge 

This bridge spans the Danube river between Buda and Pest, the western and eastern sides of the city.


Shortly after that we all made our way home, the girls had their apartment in another direction and they took a cab. me being me and trying to save money by not taking a cab  to my airbnb at 2AM, I decided to walk home. It was not as scary as I thought it would be and I even made my way to a gas station to get some snacks, because I was so hungry after my light dinner. But in all honesty I was just happy to arrive in my airbnb safe and sound. tip: don’t wander around at 2AM :p

 I went to bed at 4AM only after remembering I promised the owner of the Airbnb that I would check out at 9AM. so there goes my good night sleep, haha. After getting up and getting myself ready, I googled for the closest breakfast location. I didn’t even know how vegan-friendly Budapest actually is. There was a full on vegan restaurant just a few minutes away.

Vegan in Budapest 

It’s called the Vega City and honestly the fact that both the croissant and coffee cost me around 4€ made me love this city even more. You can find this cute little restaurant at Múzeum krt. 23-251053 Budapest.

Exploring The City 

I really had no idea where I was going so I just followed the sights and the weather was perfect as well, it’s so nice being by yourself but at times I really wished someone was with me to take some nice pictures of me, haha.


One of the more famous shopping streets in Budapest.

The Royal Palace 



This is one of the most famous and to be honest the most beautiful sights in the capital of Hungary. It is the historical castle and palace complex of the Hungarian kings. So amazing, isn’t it?!


I asked a random man on the street if he could take a picture of me and he did such a great job. He even said I should check if it looks okay, haha.


Hungarian Academy of Sciences


   The Hungarian Parlament 

IMG_7999IMG_7970 2IMG_8004

I don’t know why but this building reminded me of Hogwarts and its one of the most gorgeous ones I have ever seen in my life. I kept turning around and taking pictures from every possible angle, because it was just so so so pretty. I just wish someone was there to take some pictures of me but I for sure will be back.


The Liberty Square 

A memorial which is dedicated to the Soviet liberation of Hungary in World War II from Nazi German occupation.


St. Stephen’s Basilika


Best Cheeseburger In Town



Not even being funny but this burger honestly tasted like the ones they had in McDonalds and it was so cheap as well. With the fries and a water I paid not even 5 euros, I mean what?! The restaurant chain is called Istvanffi Veggie Burger  and they have many stores in Budapest and all across Hungary.  Bring it to Austria, ok thanks.

I met up with Dan and the girls to say our goodbyes as they were leaving for the UK the same day and I slowly made my way to the bus station as well. I love Budapest so much and I hope I can return soon, maybe even in this year? Who knows! The bus tickets are so cheap and the city itself is not pricey at all, It’s the perfect gateway city.

Hope you enjoyed reading. See you soon with a new travel diary 🙂


Yours truly,


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  1. Oh wow, it’s so beautiful in Budapest! <3 That croissant has made me so hungry now… but it's midnight here now, so not really an acceptable time to go and get croissants! 😉 It's interesting how vegan friendly they are, I'm always scared when travelling whether I'll be able to get food out! Thanks for sharing your airbnb link as well, definitely adding it to the bookmarks in case I want to go to Budapest :') xx

  2. It looks like you had a really fab time there. Your photos are gorgeous! I’d love to go to Budapest one day. That coffee and croissant look so good, and the price is so good too!

  3. I love Budapest so much! I’ve only been once, and I was really only there for a day and a half, but I fell in love with the city. It’s so gorgeous, and I loved the shopping and the thermal baths and the architecture!

    Cordelia ||

  4. Thanks for uploading this. I’ve been looking at Budapest for a while but wasn’t sure where to go and what to see.

    Looking forward to seeing more posts. I’m posting an itinerary for the Yorkshire Dales in GB soon if you fancied a ramble around the countryside 🙂

    Georgia x

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