When we booked our trip to Rome, I was most excited about all the pasta and pizza I am gonna have. As you do. But It was really hard to find good restaurants, I probably should have looked some up before we left. We arrived in Rome and we were both starving. So we decided for the first restaurant we came across. And let me tell you this, it was not delicious at all. As I am vegan I only ordered the Pizza Marinara, so there is not much you could do wrong. But I was mistaken. I mean I ate it, but I am glad our other restaurant experiences were better than this.

If you watched my story, you would seen how hot it was in Rome. Like not the “ahh omg its so hot i cant deal” – it was more like “i am burning alive and wanna stay in an iced cold bath for the rest of the day” kinda hot. So eating anything cooked was a struggle. If I could have, I would have only ate ice cream for the whole of our trip.


I am travelling on a budget so going to fancy restaurants all the time, is not really realistic for me. And I think there is nothing wrong with that. We also went to McDonalds a few times, to get plain fries and there were delicious as well. :p most of the time we also went to the supermarket to get snacks & stuff – on my next trip I think I am gonna concentrate on that and maybe give a few tricks how you can save money and still eat delicious food. but back to Rome now.

Ristorante Tucci 

Our first proper restaurant we visited was at Piazza Navona, one of the most famous squares in Rome. It was around 8pm and the atmosphere there was so magical. It felt like we were in a movie, can’t even put it into words. This was our view sitting outside the restaurant and waiting for our food to arrive.


I do have to say there was not much vegan choice but like I mentioned I am always happy with a classic Pizza Marinara (no cheese). And it was so freaking delicious. Just perfectly done. I would give anything to have that pizza again. My friend had the Pizza Caprese and according to her it was so so so good.


I paid 10€ for my pizza and the Caprese one was 12€ – quiet pricey but definitely worth it. and would go there again.  With our meal we had just water, like there is literally not anything else we could drink in this heat, than iced cold water.

Ristorante Tucci 
Piazza Navona, 94, 00186 Roma RM, Italy
price range: €€-€€€

Gelato – Venchi

Couldn’t have visited Italy for the first time I ever and not have ice cream, even twice in one day. If you ever have been, you know what I am talking about. The best ice cream I haver ever had. They had so much to choose from – 75% Dark Chocolate Ice Cream?! Is this what dreams are made of … 😍


Have you ever seen an ice cream salon this gorgeous? They even had chocolate running down the walls like water. Just incredible. For two scoops we paid 3,40, we was alright considering how good that ice cream was.

Via del Corso, 335, 00186 Roma RM, Italy
  price range: €€ – €€€

Ristorante Archimede

The second food spot we visited we came across randomly when we were wondering around Rome and it had like 38 degrees. At this point I would have eaten anything, if it meant sitting in the shade and not literally burning alive. And we were so lucky. Not only was the waiter super nice but we even had two elderly people from Germany sitting next to us. We started talking about Vienna and how amazing it was, haha.


We both were really keen on ordering a bruschetta, just because. The amount of times the waiter corrected us because we pronounced it wrong, it was so funny. If you don’t know what bruschetta is – it’s basically toasted italian bread drenched in olive oil and served typically with garlic or tomatoes.


Next I went for a classic – spaghetti pomodoro and it was really good, even if it looks messy on the picture. I remember the conversation I had with the waiter when I ordered this dish: “PLEASE NO CHEESE” and he was like “no cheese?” and laughed. Not your typical tourist, now am I.


Lastly because I had the worst headache from the heat and used any excuse to drink italian coffee all the time, I ordered an espresso.


We paid 31 euros for the both of our meals and two bottles of water, which is really cheap considering this was in the middle of the city centre. I am definitely recommending this restaurant to anyone that is going to Rome soon.

Ristorante Archimede
Piazza dei Caprettari, 63, 00186 Roma RM, Italy
price range: €€-€€€

Giolitti Roma 

And again we had some ice cream. This time we tried one of Italy’s finest. The Giolitti and they also had so many flavours to choose from. A lot of which were vegan.


Can we just appreciate my incredible taking pictures skills? a professional, clearly. Anyway the ice cream was once again everything I dreamt of, so please go there if you are in Italy. We paid around 3,50 for three scoops, it’s super cheap as well.

Giolitti Roma
Via degli Uffici del Vicario, 40, 00186 Roma RM, Italy
price range: €-€€

Pizza Ciro 

It was our last evening in Rome, so after a long day of excessive sweating (sorry haha) and sight seeing we decided to go to Pizza Ciro. The funniest thing happened to us when we sat outside. There was a big fan behind me and I literally thought for about 15 minutes, that it was the wind. I was talking to my sister on the phone and I actually said to her think it’s going to start to rain, it’s so windy. When I realized you can imagine how long we laughed about this.

Again I had the Pizza Marinara and my friend had the classic spaghetti dish and it was our favourite restaurant we visited, for sure. The staff was really nice and the food was dreamy.


We even treated ourselves to Diet Coke, after a few days of just drinking water. Is this what healthy feels like? I will never know. :p

Anyways, we paid around 27 euros for the both of us which only convinced us even more this was by far our favourite of them all. Highly recommend this place as well.

Pizza Ciro 
Piazza di S. Apollinare, 37, 00186 Roma RM, Italy
price range: €€-€€€


We went to this ice cream two times in a day, because it was just so good. Maybe some of you know this brand, as they sell it in some shops in Austria too. GROM has a lot of sorbet ice cram, which is vegan but even though I don’t usually like it, this one had so much flavour.


We paid around 3-4 euro for these, so again very affordable like the previous ones. And I have to say GROM was my favourite of them all. You have to try these if you are in Italy or anywhere else in the world, as they have their shops literally everywhere.

Via della Maddalena, 30a, 00186 Roma RM, Italy
price range: €€-€€€

This was my mini Rome Food Guide, for anyone who is planning to go to Rome soon. I hope you enjoyed reading this – just as much as I enjoyed writing it. Even though it was super hot at the time we visited, I enjoyed it so much. I ate enough pasta and pizza, which made me so happy. obviously. I can’t wait to go back and I have another blogpost coming with tips for which places you should definitely visit when in Rome. So look out for that.

Yours truly


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  1. Oh my goodness the gelato in Italy is SO good! When I first went to Italy I was a student and ate nothing but bread and cheese from supermarkets, espressos and gelato. And they were still some of the best meals I’ve ever had. This is a great post – lovely photos.

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