Vancouver – also known as the city where Ryan Reynolds is from and were Deadpool was filmed. Crucial information that I have to tell you, if you ask me.

I spontaneously decided at the beginning of August to fly out to Vancouver to visit my family and I was going on my own, so I was pretty scared. It was my very first flight overseas and I worried about a lot of things. The minute I stepped onto that big plane, I got so anxious and panicky. But more about that later.

The time came for me to start packing for my big adventure and let me tell you just preparing for this trip was so stressful. I of course overpacked, as always. I first flew from Vienna to London, as I had my flight to Canada from Gatwick the next day. It was much cheaper this way. If you have the opportunity, try flying from Frankfurt, Munich or London. The flights were much cheaper than they are from Vienna. Maybe also because I booked to close to the trip, haha.


Anyways I flew to London and had a flight delay (why always me?) – so I arrived much later than I was supposed to.


I met up with Elsa and we made our way to my airbnb, which was close to the airport. After that we went into London city centre, to have dinner at Zizzi and it was one of the best vegan dishes I ever had in my life.



I always have the best time when I am in London and seeing all my friends again, so this time was no different. If you ever been to city, you know how magical it truly is and there is just so much to see. The people, the shops, the streets, the buildings … it just has this certain vibe, that makes London so desirable to visit.


Fast forward to the next day and me getting ready for my big flight. I was fine until it was time to step onto the big plane. The second I sat down in my seat, I got really anxious. I had to call my family and calm myself down a little. My dad said to me that the big planes were probably safer than the small ones we have in Europe. After that I was super relaxed, I flew with Air Transat (not sponsored) and let me tell you the experience was incredible. The staff on the plane was so nice and I had ordered a vegan dish, which was delicious. I honestly would fly with them again.


Truly after what feels like an eternity I finally arrived in Vancouver and I can’t even explain to you how excited I was. My cousin picked me up from the airport and the adventure officially began. Just driving through that part of Vancouver was so surreal to me. I genuinely could not believe I was on another continent and everyone at home was so so far away.


The same night we went out for dinner and let me tell you I literally fell asleep on the table, that’s how tired I was. The next day it was actually Thanksgiving in Canada and we even had a proper Thanksgiving dinner and we visited a lot of family. My jetlag wasn’t as bad as I anticipated it to be. I would only wake up really early but it wasn’t nothing I couldn’t handle.

I almost had a breakdown going into the canadian superstore, just because of all the stuff they have and we don’t. THEY HAD A 900g HUMMUS TAB. THAT’S ALMOST A 1kg OF HUMMUS. It’s literally supermarket heaven (is that a thing???) and I was here for IT.

At this point I also want to give a shoutout to my cousin and her husband for keeping up with my bullsh*t, haha. Always taking the best pictures and just being absolute legends.❤️


This is one of Vancouver prettiest parts, for sure. In the middle of the city is a little island filled with lots of little shops and a public market. The perfect spot to take a little walk. It’s not like I wasn’t fascinated by literally every single corner in this city, but Grandville Island was just so freaking perfect. I even went back myself a week later to see it all again.


Lots of fresh vegetables and fruit, tea, bakery’s, restaurants – there is something to eat there for everyone. I am still dreaming of that vegan sausage roll. That public market was a literal dream and I can’t wait to go back one day.



I also went back to Gastown on my own to explore some of the shops there and we found this cute vegan restaurant called “Meet in Gastown”, I did post a picture of it on instagram. The food was absolutely incredible. 

That’s it. FOR NOW. 

I honestly think I would have to write a book, if I want to tell about EVERYTHING I did while I was in Canada. There is just so much that happened, that I obviously can’t keep to myself. 

Hope you enjoyed reading this one and I cant wait to share more in the next few blog posts. Thank you! 


Yours truly, 



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  1. Loved reading this! Looks like you had a fabulous time, I’d like to go at some point! And oh my that tiny hotel, that’s crazy!! I can see why there were a few movies filmed there though! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Chloe xx

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