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New year, new me?! I saw a lot of people being super motivated for the fresh new year and it really inspired me too. Even though my gym journey started two weeks before that, the fact that it was a new year gave me that extra boost. But now don’t you panic thinking it’s too late to start. That really is never the case. You can always choose to change your habits and work on yourself. Be that on the first of January or in the middle of the year.

I got quite a few questions in the last few days all about my fitness journey, so I thought it would be best to answer them in this blog post one by one.

 How do you motivate yourself?

Honestly? I have no idea where I find the motivation. I always enjoyed going to the gym, but I was always like: “sooo what am I gonna train today?” – I really did not have any structure on what to focus. The gym can be super intimidating, seeing all the people doing their thing and lifting. I know the feeling, I really do. Thats why I think (more than ever), it’s the best thing for anyone to get a guide. This is really where I find the motivation. The challenge to finish this guide is so big for me. I wake up every single day and I can’t wait to do all the exercises.


Another thing that motivates me a lot is following a lot of fitness “people” on instagram. Seeing everyone being all hyped to work out, makes me want to go too. The positivity these people spread really is so uplifting to me and when I see other peoples progress, I just wanna push myself even harder. At the end of this blogpost I am showing you my favourite ones & I think everyone should follow them, if they need fitness motivation.

Which guide did I choose?

One of my friends was doing this guide and was documenting it on her instagram last year,  I would see her stories and wishing I was this determined. Which by the way you should all check her out. Fast forward to the middle of December of last year. I messaged her and asked her what got her started. She told me about the Busybee Guides by buysbee.carys and I immediately bought the Busybee’s Gym Shape Up Vol. 1 (weeks 1-8) Guide. It only costs £15.00/17€ you, which is super cheap considering you get so much with it. There is a catalogue where all the exercises are explained, the 8 weeks split up into Upper and Lower Body Days. There are HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and ABS workouts, you basically train your whole body per week.

(I was not paid to say this, it’s my personal opinion and a recommendation)

I am currently on week 5 of the guide and I am loving it so much. The key really is to start slow, use lighter weights. It’s more important to do the exercise right rather than injuring yourself. If you do start the guide and you are not able to do all the exercises that are required, don’t give up! On my first few days I was struggling as well and I would get SO frustrated with myself. But these things take time. And now when I look back on week 1 (you get a exercise log, where you can write down your weights and reps) – I am so proud of myself. Even if I “only” up my weight by 1kg, it’s still progress.

My tip: Take is slow. Take your time. Don’t overdo it with the weights, even if it feels too light still do the exercise. Results will show with time. 


So now you have the motivation and guide but you are still hesitant? I really know the feeling. I know that a lot of people feel anxious and uncomfortable at the gym, it’s not easy. You are scared people will judge you, because you are new. People will look at you weirdly. But let me tell you: Everyone is too focused on themselves, to have the time to look at others. And if they do they are freaking douchebags. Because let’s be honest here – EVERYBODY HAS TO START SOMEWHERE. Nobody was born with the ability to lift weights, all of your favourite fitness influencers where at the same point as you are right now. It takes time and hard work. And you learn from your mistakes, so even if you do an exercise wrong. Look it up on the internet (watch a video) and try doing it again. There is no shame in being human and making mistakes.

Lastly I wanna say: JUST DO IT. Don’t ask yourself should you really go or not. Get your gym ear on and go. No excuses. Even if you go and do 15 minutes of cardio, it’s better than not going at all. Forget about loosing weight and shaping up (which is a nice side effect, obviously) – think about your health. Think about how beneficial (not just going to the gym, any sports) is for your mind and body. There is nothing better in this world, than taking care of your body and feeling incredible inside and outside.

I am no professional, so I obviously cant guarantee you, if this will work for everyone. It worked for me and I have truly found myself starting a new chapter in my life. I have never felt this amazing about myself in my life before. These are my experiences and I love sharing them with you guys. If this helps at least one person, I have achieved my goal. Thank you for reading and If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact me on here or on my instagram.



VALENTINA aka @valentinaballerina 

She started this idea where you would document how many days of year you spend doing any kind of sports or working out. She shares a lot of the stories on her story, which again motivates so many new people. It’s a never ending cycle of motivating people 😂 LOVE IT! Also she is an absolute babe and her pictures are incredible.


img_6606 2


GRACE aka @gracefituk

This girl is a big inspiration to me and I love her body positivity. Grace also does different kind of guides, so make sure to check that out.




LUCY aka @thefashionfitnessfoodie

Love her posts and how she is trying to get rid of stupid stigmas in the fitness industry (like detox tea). Also big inspiration.


img_6609 2


ALICE aka @aliceliveing

Love her positivity on her stories and she uploads great work out videos on her instagram, which are great for recreating at home or at the gym.


IMG_6608 2.PNG


Thank you for reading guys and See you soon!


Yours truly,





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