Busy Bee Guide 1&2 – REVIEW

Hello my fellow gym enthusiasts and those who want to become one!

I really cannot believe that 5 whole months have passed since I decided to change my life and go to the gym more frequently, than just once a month. My friend Phoebe inspired me a lot and I just went ahead and bought the first guide. Not thinking twice about it, not questioning if I can really do it. After a few pretty rough months I was ready to start out with a new project, that would hopefully not only change me body-wise but also mentally.

Let me get one thing straight: I was very anxious going to the gym and trying all these excercises I haven’t done before. I remember the first session so well, I just kept thinking to myself: oh my god these people are gonna judge, i can’t do this. 

In reality the only person who was holding me back was myself. The good thing about the gym is that everyone is so focused on themselves, that they don’t even have the time to judge others, even if they wanted to. My tip: Get yourself some huge headphones and just turn up the music, block out your surroundings. Focus on yourself and the task you have before you in that very moment. With time you won’t even notice the people around you, thats how you invested you get when you have a guide/plan.



What is BBSU and who made these guides? 

It’s basically a summer guide to get in shape in just 8 weeks, but you can really do it at any time of the year. Created by Carys Gray and Connor Swift. The first guide is more for beginners and the second for advanced use. But both helped me equally to learn everything there is when starting out in the gym.  Each guide costs 17€ (or £15) and to be honest with you that really is so cheap considering how much other gym influencers will charge you for a guide. You can also get them both at the same time for a reduced price or the home guides, If you don’t fancy going to the gym.



How does it work?

You get a PDF consisting of 3-4 files and its divided up in two parts. First week one to week four and week 5 to week 8. The exercises stay the same during the first 4 weeks and as boring as this may sound, it’s nice to have something to work towards. Increasing your weights with every week. The first few sessions might be hard and it you will definitely feel the sourness, but its worth it. I promise. The second guide is the same just starting from week 9 to week 16. It’s more advanced, so please make sure to do the first one first. Or if you aren’t a beginner, you can also start with the second. It is up to you.

Every week consists of two upper days and lower body days plus ABS and one HIIT workout, you don’t have to follow the exact order and it’s best you plan according to your daily routine. But Carys explains everything more detailed in her guide.



How did it help me and would I recommend it?

The BusyBee Guides have changed my view on going to the gym. It’s not something I am dreading anymore, I wake up in the morning and I am excited and grateful for a new day to improve myself. This is why I recommend the guide to anyone because you set yourself a goal to finish it. I can’t stress it enough, because I have been there of going to the gym and thinking to myself oh what am I gonna train today? Having any guide will help you get structured and you can plan your workouts ahead.

Not only did I change body-wise but my mentality has improved so much. I feel this inner peace. I feel so strong and healthy. Not only due to eating healthy, but putting my body first and working really hard on improving my skills and mobility. I used to have the worst lower back pain and they completely vanished now. I can feel my back musculature getting stronger and It’s really the best feeling after struggling for years.

I used to always think this is how I was born, how my body was built and there is nothing I can do about it. Sure, I will probably never look like a supermodel (not what I am aiming for anyways) but I think we all have the opportunity to work towards a better version of ourselves every single day. This thought motivates me even more. My tip: JUST DO IT. The second you start having second thoughts, you may wanna stop and give up. Don’t let yourself get to that place, anyone can change their ways and habits, you just have to work hard for it. And it’s not just good days, there will be the bad ones too but that’s really just a part of this incredible journey.


I was not paid to write all of this but I know a lot of you guys wanted to hear my opinion on these guides, so I really hope this gave you some insight on what BBSU is and stands for. I loved every minute of the guides and I am so glad I came across them, because I really believe they got me into the gym now and there is no going back. (now that i want to, haha).

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to message me. I will be happy to help.

Thank you for reading and I really hope it inspired some of you to get the guide and start your journey TODAY.



Yours truly,





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  1. Love your review Emina, you’ve improved so much and I’m so happy I was able to give you the nudge to start the journey xx

  2. I absolutely love your positivity and admire you for this post!
    I definitely agree that working out has as much of an impact on your mental health if not more so than your physical!

    I haven’t worked out in ages if I’m completely honest but I really feel the benefit when I do!

    Love Lozza xo

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