Busy Bee Guide 1&2 – REVIEW

Hello my fellow gym enthusiasts and those who want to become one! I really cannot believe that 5 whole months have passed since I decided to change my life and go to the gym more frequently, than just once a month. My friend Phoebe inspired me a lot and I just went ahead and bought... Continue Reading →

How I Started Putting Myself First

"How did you managed to get so confident and happy - whats the secret?" Before I start telling you the ultimate secret to being happy, I want you to remember that if you are going through something right now, it's not forever. Whenever I find myself facing though times rather than fighting it, I have... Continue Reading →

How To: Gym Motivation

New year, new me?! I saw a lot of people being super motivated for the fresh new year and it really inspired me too. Even though my gym journey started two weeks before that, the fact that it was a new year gave me that extra boost. But now don't you panic thinking it's too... Continue Reading →


Vancouver - also known as the city where Ryan Reynolds is from and were Deadpool was filmed. Crucial information that I have to tell you, if you ask me. I spontaneously decided at the beginning of August to fly out to Vancouver to visit my family and I was going on my own, so I was... Continue Reading →


When we booked our trip to Rome, I was most excited about all the pasta and pizza I am gonna have. As you do. But It was really hard to find good restaurants, I probably should have looked some up before we left. We arrived in Rome and we were both starving. So we decided... Continue Reading →


At the beginning of July I decided to take a spontaneous trip to Budapest. Luckily it's super close to Vienna, only a three hours bus drive. My friend Danielle¬†was celebrating her 21st birthday and I promised her to come, so I basically stayed for two days. I have been to Budapest once before and I... Continue Reading →

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