Busy Bee Guide 1&2 – REVIEW

Hello my fellow gym enthusiasts and those who want to become one! I really cannot believe that 5 whole months have passed since I decided to change my life and go to the gym more frequently, than just once a month. My friend Phoebe inspired me a lot and I just went ahead and bought... Continue Reading →


Vancouver - also known as the city where Ryan Reynolds is from and were Deadpool was filmed. Crucial information that I have to tell you, if you ask me. I spontaneously decided at the beginning of August to fly out to Vancouver to visit my family and I was going on my own, so I was... Continue Reading →


When we booked our trip to Rome, I was most excited about all the pasta and pizza I am gonna have. As you do. But It was really hard to find good restaurants, I probably should have looked some up before we left. We arrived in Rome and we were both starving. So we decided... Continue Reading →


It has already been over two month since I visited Zurich and saw Demi Lovato live in concert. When she announced her Europe Tour, I was planning to go to Belgium but due to complications we ended up getting tickets for the show in Zurich. With we I mean me and my friend Hannah, she... Continue Reading →

LONDON, BABY! Part Two 🇬🇧

Hello!  I finally found the time to write my second part of my London trip and I still owe you one about Zurich and one about how I edit my pictures (as a lot of people requested that). If you haven't had the chance to read my first one, you can do it by clicking... Continue Reading →

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