I am Emina, a 23 year old living in Vienna. I created my blog in December 2017, because I  really love writing about all kinds of topics, from my favourite political podcast to baking vegan cupcakes. I started out being very insecure about myself and now love taking pictures and creating content. For that reason I also really enjoy talking about mental health and how important is. It makes me want to encourage other people. I hope you enjoy reading what I create as much as I enjoy producing it. I post once or twice a week, but it really depends as I am working two jobs at the moment and trying to finish my bachelor degree in                                                          journalism and communication studies.

For enquiries you can email: eminamujagic@gmx.at, I can also provide my media kit upon request.

You can contact/follow me on any of my social media:  • TWITTER • INSTAGRAM •